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Daniel Curley, sole proprietor and associates work in partnership with government, educational institutions, organizations and communities to promote health, access to income, education and well-being. Since the establishment of DJ Curley Consulting in 2006, Daniel has worked with leadership teams in USA and abroad facilitating environmental analysis, strategic planning, leadership development, systems assessment and strengthening, organization development and executive coaching.  DJ Curley Consulting also maintains a cadre of experts in various fields with diverse cultural and language capacity.  DJ Curley Consulting subcontracts when necessary to deploy targeted intervention and services that are tailored to the client organization’s needs. 

DJ Curley Consulting provides capacity-building services in the Social Security/Welfare/Public Health sectors. Using innovative, participatory investigation of environmental factors; key informant interviews, financial and political mapping and revision of current public and organization policy and enabling legislative language, literature and best-practice review, study and modeling of projected future cost and socio-economic implication of potential service designs, facilitation of strategic planning and implementation processes. 

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